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Welcome to Kramer Industries

Kramer Industries is a family of multi-disciplined companies providing unique and comprehensive solutions to specific core competencies with the added value of vertically diverse perspectives.  Combined together, Kramer Industries is able to provide you with custom products and services unparalleled to a traditional single-market focused organization.

Located in Michigan, Colorad, and Washington, Kramer Industries has a global out reach that has served clients in five countries and two continents.  Geographic boundaries are not a factor when it comes to providing you with localized solutions and services.

Fortune 500 to individuals, public to private, profit to non-profit, Kramer Industries has and continues to serve all tupe of people and organizations.  We have helped high-tech firms stay on the forefront while giving start-ups the edge they need throughout their growth life cycle.  If you are a single individual or international conglomerate, Kramer Industries can meet your requirements.

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